Forge the Perfect Regex:
Built for the Modern Developer.

Regex Forge is the intuitive regex editor for macOS that empowers you to craft, test, and perfect your regular expressions with ease. Take control of your text manipulation and unleash the power of patterns.

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Designed for macOS

Experience speed, reliability, and ease of use.

Pattern Visualization

See your regex come to life! The built-in visualizer translates your pattern into a clear railroad diagram, making complex expressions easy to understand and debug.

Syntax Highlighting

Write code with confidence. Syntax highlighting makes your regex patterns easy to read by coloring different elements like character classes, quantifiers, and capturing groups.

Live Preview & Replace

Test and refine your patterns as you type. See real-time matches and replacements in your text, allowing for quick adjustments and perfect results.

Built-in Cheat Sheet & Documentation

Never get stuck again! Our app includes a comprehensive cheat sheet and easy-to-access documentation, providing all the regex information you need at your fingertips.

Support for Multiple Regex Flavors

Write regex that works anywhere. Our editor supports popular flavors like JavaScript, .NET, and PCRE, ensuring your patterns are compatible with different tools and platforms.

Community Library of Regex Patterns

Don't reinvent the wheel! Leverage the power of the community library of pre-built regex patterns. Find solutions for common tasks like email validation, date extraction, or phone number formatting, and easily adapt them to your specific needs.

Regex Forge Arrives Soon

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